Sinfully delicious snacks that actually help you slim down!

Stop torturing yourself.

Clean eating does not necessarily mean boring, bland food. You can still indulge in good food while trying to shed some pounds. Treating yourself with a well-deserved snack time can be rewarding as it is a good way to prevent constant cravings and reduce the chance of you giving up halfway. Making the right food selections has always been key when it comes to slimming down – so here are some tasty snack ideas that you can benefit from their health properties!


Dark Chocolate


Being able to indulge in chocolate while trying to lose weight? Sounds great, right?

Chocolates surprisingly offer you more than satisfying a sweet tooth. They contain antioxidants, fiber and magnesium to promote heart health, support nerve and muscle functions, as well as improve bone strength – all the necessary factors to keep your body fit and strong for working out. As a bonus, dark chocolate is also said to help stabilise blood sugar which controls appetite and helps in reducing cravings.

As long as it is enjoyed in moderation, you can make use of dark chocolate in many enjoyable ways – on its own, in smoothie, as toppings or even to make your favourite hot chocolate drink.



Good news, you can still enjoy your favourite movie snack!

Although popcorns are basically carbohydrates, they are healthy snacks (yes, not all carbs are evil!) that can actually help your slimming down process. But how? Popcorns without additional seasoning are air-popped, which means it has lesser calorie per unit volume than other regular carbohydrate-based snacks. It is also considered a complex carbohydrate whole grain (like brown bread) that digests slower and makes you feel full for longer – a great way to minimise unnecessary calorie intake.

For better taste, you can mix them with almonds or even coat with dark chocolate.


Almond Butter

Rich and delicious like peanut butter, except it’s better!

Although almond butter is very fatty (yums), you can actually indulge in its creaminess guilt-free, especially when you make them on your own. Almond butter does not require extra ingredients – just the almonds processed till it forms a buttery texture, which means eating almond butter gets you all the nutrients and goodness of raw almonds, including the ability to limit the fat absorption by the body, facilitating in overall weight loss.

You can freely enjoy almond butter in your oats, smoothie, as dip or as spread.


But don’t forget the other important parts!


Diet plays a huge role in losing weight which is why you must know well what you’re eating but in order to get a toned, good-looking figure, exercises and lifestyle changes must be incorporated well in your slimming plan.

Despite diet watch and regular exercises, some people may still find it hard to achieve the dream body. Why do certain fat bulges or loose skin never seem to go away? Understand how your body fats work. This is because certain areas of our body are more likely to store stubborn fats, or certain life events may change how our body turns out. As an example, women who went through pregnancy may have a concerning appearance around the abdomen, like tummy pooch due to diastasis recti (the condition where muscles get separated due to strain) – click here to read about Body Changes to Expect After Pregnancy (and the Solutions).

That is where treatments like our #BodybyRetreat programme comes into the picture – an effective alternative to improve stubborn body concerns, or to simply help our patients achieve the dream body faster and more efficiently. #BodybyRetreat is a programme that offers a complete body slimming solution through a combination of FDA-approved treatments with different functions – to reduce fats, build muscles, reduce cellulites, improve skin texture and tighten loose skin effectively.


Here’s how #BodybyRetreat at The Retreat Clinic can help in your journey to achieve a fitter body:


1) We identify your areas of concern

Before proceeding with any treatment solutions, all patients go through a comprehensive body assessment and consultation with our professionals. For example, for burning fats + building muscles we may suggest a combination of Emsculpt (results akin to 20,000 sit-ups in just 30 minutes) and Exilis to tighten loose skin for a toned looking figure.


2) A thorough slimming treatment plan will be crafted just for you!

Depending on your concerns and desired outcome, our professionals will identify the best body treatment combination for you to ensure high effectiveness with great results. Our treatments are all FDA-approved, each with its own unique function.


Watch this video to see how #BodybyRetreat works:



All #BodybyRetreat treatment plan is highly customised to individual needs. Every individual’s body is different, and we strongly recommend you to consult a certified aesthetic physician to evaluate your body in order to identify the best treatment solution. For consultations with Dr. Ong Jin Khang of The Retreat Clinic, please call +6011-3302 8232 to make your appointment. FREE mini consultation available!

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