Why you should get fit and strong, not skinny

If you are planning to start (or restart) a weight loss journey, you should always have the right mindset and methods to achieve your goals. Setting the right goals is a crucial first step in any weight loss plan to prevent any chance of you developing an unhealthy lifestyle. Rather than aiming to look skinny, you should focus on staying healthy and strong by maintaining a healthy amount of fats and muscles in your body.


When you are too focused on losing weight, you are putting your health at risk

Being skinny by force comes with health risks that can affect your daily life. Unaware by many, losing weight actually does not equal to losing fats. In fact, if you compare them on a measuring scale, muscles are denser and weigh more than fat.

This is why using weight as a method to measure fitness is unreliable. If you are too obsessed on losing weight without proper diet and exercise plan, you may end up losing your muscle mass – which would cause fatigue due to declining strength. Weighing too little could also lead to weakened immunity, more fragile bones and many more health issues such as chronic diseases like diabetes that many unfit people are at risk of. Losing weight drastically would only result in temporary, inconsistent ‘skinny’ look, and your weight may fluctuate easily.

Fitness is more than just about good appearance, in fact it is the key to strong core muscles – the base that supports your entire body stability and endurance. Core strength involves your abs, pelvic floor and back muscles, and even the simplest daily movement you make (like walking) is dependent on it. When your core is weak, many problems such as body alignment and lower-back injuries could happen – which is why obsessing over getting skinny is not a good idea.

How to get fit and strong without jeopardising your own health?

Achieving a fit and strong body is a journey that requires not only the right methods, but a healthy mindset too. Rather than looking at the numbers on the weighing scale to measure your progress, start a fitness plan with proper exercises and a good diet plan. Other health details such as your heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar level should not be ignored too.

Quit crazy restrictions in your diet and feed the body with the nutrients it needs. When your body is well-nourished, not only will your muscle mass increase, you will be more energised to push through your physical workouts too. Eating well would definitely help to prevent cravings that could contribute to unnecessary calorie intakes.

There are various aesthetic slimming treatments today that offer safe alternatives to building a leaner body without putting your health at risk. EMSCULPT and COOLSCULPTING are two most recent technologies that may help you achieve your goals effectively.

EMSCULPT is a great FDA-approved treatment to help burn fat and build muscles simultaneously. HIFEM (High-Intensity Focus Electromagnetic) technology is used to stimulate supramaximal muscle contractions, building muscles akin with 20,000 sit-ups. Various sizes of applicators available can be used to target different areas such as your abs, buttocks, arms and thighs. It is an excellent alternative to help strengthen your core too.

Meanwhile COOLSCULPTING is the new era of fat reduction and slimming treatment (after the longest time when liposuction was the only option). As the most-googled aesthetic treatment in 2017 and 2018, it is a non-surgical fat freezing technology that is FDA-cleared to treat different parts of the body by freezing off fat cells, reducing up to 20-25% in fat layer thickness with just a single session.

Every individual and body is different, and we strongly recommend you to consult a certified physician to identify the best fitness plan for you.

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