Retreat Laser Treament

Treatments are carefully planned to produce observable results
FDA-approved and proven to be safe
Customised and properly assessed to fit individual skin needs

Treatments We Offer

Rejuvenation Toning Laser

Improves skin tone issues such as pigmentation, blemishes, melasma and age spots with extra rejuvenation effect to restore collagen production and increase skin suppleness.

Advanced C-Peel

A brilliant solution for healthier looking skin. Advanced C-Peel tackles existing acne problem, balances the skin’s natural oil production and purifies clogged pores to reduce the appearance of open pores and acne.

Skin Corrector Series

Refreshes the skin by improving wrinkles, lines, pores, saggy skin and common unwanted skin appearance. It is the perfect route to address a series of skin concerns under one treatment solution.

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