Liquid Facesculpting

A dip into the fountain of youth.

Enhanced features that are natural yet subtle, it makes everyone notice, but no one will know. Feel the confidence as you walk out from The Retreat Clinic after a combination of personalized treatment that smooths out wrinkles and replaces lost volume.


It is time to relook, rethink and reimagine the best version of you; get rid of fine lines and wrinkles in just 10 minutes! This non-surgical procedure reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles especially at areas of Crow’s feet, frown lines and glabellar lines. BOTOX® relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles.

Gradual results. Minimal downtime. Ageing & Saggy Skin. Suitable for all skin types.
Treatment time: Varies from 10 minutes and up

Dermal Filler

The results will make you wonder why didn’t you do this years ago. Now you no longer have to shy away from photos, college reunions and family gatherings! Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the skin that delivers nutrients, gives skin elasticity and helps the skin retain moisture. Results with hyaluronic acid are endless, it can help restore volume to ageing skin, create a higher nose bridge or v-shaped face.

Did you know?

FDA-approved dermal fillers Juvederm™ and Restylane™ come pre-filled with Lidocaine. Lidocaine enables the treatment area to be numbed within seconds of injecting. This enables us to give you the utmost comfort and painless experience.


Immediate. Minimal Downtime. Suitable for all skin types.
Treatment time: Varies from 10 minutes and up

Vampire Lift

The celebrities’ go to treatment for anti-ageing harvests your very own growth factors & stem cells. This all-natural treatment is your personal time machine that turns back the clock whenever you want. The perfect treatment for maintaining youthful skin by boosting natural elastin & collagen.

Gradual. Moderate Downtime. Suitable for all skin types.
Treatment time: 1 hour and 30 minute


Use also:
Ultimate Repair Emulsion – Anti-ageing, compliments anti-wrinkle and lifting treatments
Intense Serum – For brighter and clearer skin

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