Unlock Body Goals with this #BodyByRetreat Slimming Treatment Combo!

Nothing ever comes easy or instant, including your dream body. But here at The Retreat Clinic, we have a winning formula to help you achieve your desired results better and faster. How?

The Retreat Clinic offers numerous FDA-approved treatments that are scientifically proven to be safe and effective to target various body contouring problems. The concept of the #BodyByRetreat slimming treatment combination is simple – we address issues from all possible angles of individual body conditions, and improve them with a set of treatments that work wonders TOGETHER.

The selection of treatments to combine is always made carefully as we believe in treating patients based on what they need, not more or not less. Plus we always make sure to educate our patients with the right comprehension prior to any decision-making. It is our job as an aesthetic clinic in Malaysia to let our patients understand the fact that in order to be leaner and healthier, there are many more aspects to look into such as muscles, fats and possibly more, instead of merely weight reduction.

#BodyByRetreat Body Contouring Programme

A typical Body Contouring Programme at The Retreat Clinic covers 4 main concerns:

  • Reducing body fats permanently around concerned areas
  • Improving skin elasticity around concerned areas (due to drastic fat loss)
  • Improving cellulite concerns
  • Building muscles

The video above shows how the #BodyByRetreat combination treatment uses different technologies to achieve quicker and more effective results in a much shorter amount of time as compared to the conventional single-treatment method.

Step 1: Vanquish Me (Melt fats for permanent fat reduction)

This procedure is able to treat a wide a treatment area, even from flank to flank. Its Selective RF technology causes fatty cells to shrink or be eliminated, reducing fat thickness hence body circumference altogether. Usually takes about 4 cycles.

Step 2: Exilis (Melts even more fats & tightens skin)

A procedure to prevent loose skin, especially after fat loss – Exilis treats till the deepest skin tissue to tighten skin while also able to get rid of smaller pockets of fats – more fats reduced!

Step 3: Unison (Treats causes of cellulite)

Improves overall skin appearance and skin health from within. This procedure treats all 5 causes of cellulite and textured skin, including enlarged fat chambers, damaged collagen fibers, loss of skin elasticity, poor blood flow and metabolic waste accumulation.

Step 4: Emsculpt (Builds muscles & burns fat simultaneously)

A clinically-proven treatment that is effective to burn fat and build muscles simultaneously, for a leaner and more toned results.


How do we ensure the best #BodyByRetreat journey for our patients?

To ensure we find the best treatment combination plan for you, we always take our patients through a few crucial steps to ensure a pleasant treatment journey that meets effective, and time-efficient results.

  • Consultation

When you come for your first appointment, your concerns will be paid close attention to by our certified physician where we will then find the right solutions together. This is definitely an important first step to kick-start your body-contouring journey.

  • Body assessment

Every body is different! A proper body assessment will be done to identify the actual problem in your area of concern, and which treatments will suit and work for you best.

  • Treatment plan

Through discussion, we will advise and walk you through a suggested treatment plan to suit your needs. Do not worry, we want you to have the best experience with the best possible results hence we will also take into consideration your other concerns – including costs!

  • Follow-up

Body-contouring and fat reduction treatment programme will require a number of cycles with a few days to apart needed before the next cycle, till the programme is completed.

Every individual and body is different, and we strongly recommend you to consult a certified aesthetic physician to evaluate your body and skin condition in order to identify the best treatment solution. For consultations with Dr Ong Jin Khang of The Retreat Clinic, please call +6011-3302 8232 to make your appointment. Limited slots for FREE mini consultations are available – call for more info!

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