Understand the cost of aesthetic procedure

We understand the need for our clients to do their market research, and ensure they are paying the market rate for any aesthetic procedure they may want to undertake.

In our opinion, it’s best to make it clear from the outset that comparing any aesthetic procedure or surgery, is simply not as straightforward as comparing e.g. kitchen appliances or holiday packages. There are also many different situations and conditions, as well as doctor’s skills & experiences. These small nuances collectively make up the differences between an ok result and a great result.

People want the absolute best possible result with any aesthetic procedure involving their body or their face and therefore want the best practitioner, not the cheapest.

It’s important to take into consideration the different elements involved with any aesthetic procedure and understand that it is all these factors together that experienced top doctors masterfully and brilliantly manipulate, in order to get top quality results. Their prices therefore reflect this ability.

For example, many would assume wrinkle reducing treatments such as Botox are the same anywhere you go. After all, they are using the same product. But in reality, it is the amount of units, techniques, and evaluation of each client’s wants, needs and expectation, coupled with realistic treatment that suits best for each individual that makes all the difference.

A very experienced doctor with great skills to consistently deliver great overall results knows his worth and usually prices his aesthetic procedures accordingly.

That’s not to say of course that paying a big fee will guarantee you a great result or eliminate the possibility of complications. In medicine there is no such thing as a guarantee no matter who performs the procedure. But with the best doctor, they are in a better position, as a result of more experience knowledge and refined techniques, to offer clients a more favourable result.

We urge anyone interested in getting an aesthetic procedure to not use price as the sole or most important determinant; think quality first and price second. But I hear you cry: I don’t have enough money for the surgeon I know is the best! What do I do? Our suggestion would be to wait until you have saved up enough to go to them. Remember aesthetic procedure is not an emergency. You do not have to have it done right now if you don’t have the funds. You’ll only wind up regretting it if you go elsewhere and find yourself disappointed subsequently. When it comes to your face (or any part of your body for that matter) you want the best and deserve the best, so wait until you’re ready for the best!

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