The Retreat Wellness Program

You have the potential to run marathons, climb mountains and feel like a teenager!

With growing interest, The Wellness Program was created to help and support every individual achieve their personalised goals. We will be by your side to help you unlock all your potentials to a healthier, happier and fitter life.

DNA Profiling

Your DNA profile gives you the tools to enable you to tailor your diet and ensure it is optimal for your health and genetic profile. We can provide answers to questions about your weight, metabolism, eating habits, food intolerances and we also recommend exercises that fit your genetic picture.

The recommendations are personal and suggestions are based on your results.

What does the Package in Diet and Nutrition include?
Eating Behaviour:

It could be you have a lifestyle that affects your weight but genetics have a role to play. Understanding how your DNA influences your eating behaviour can help you reach your weight goals.

Exercise Potential:
Get to know your athletic genetic profile in order to choose the right training programmes for you or which sports to pursue.

Your genetic profile will point you towards the best diet for you.

Reaction to Food:
Genetics can surprise you with why you respond in certain ways to food, some you hate and some you love.

Diet Consultation

Let’s have a chat if…

You’re working out, but not seeing results.
Many work out every day but don’t know how to fuel their bodies properly, which means they won’t see optimal results, like weight loss or increased muscle tone. If you’re exercising a lot, you need to know how to encourage muscle recovery and learn how to implement protein in your diet. If you’re not seeing results from exercise and you’re eating healthily, call a dietitian to find out what you’re missing in your diet.

You’ve recently been diagnosed with a food allergy, sensitivity or other related condition.
Gluten sensitivities, celiac disease, diabetes, high cholesterol or lactose intolerance are very common. A dietitian can show you how to incorporate new foods and substitutes into your lifestyle so you can be healthy and eat well, even within a restricted diet.

Velashape Slimming

VelaShape contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing circumference & cellulite in as few as one treatment session. VelaShape provides dramatic results without downtime or significant discomfort.

VelaShape Technology: A combination of elōs infrared + bi-polar radiofrequency energy and vacuum for a reduction in skin laxity, volume and an overall improvement in skin texture

Did You Know?

  • A recent clinical study showed 100% of patients had a reduction of 1 to 3 cm on average.
  • VelaShape III won Best Body Shaping Treatment in the 2013 Anti-Ageing Conference in Paris, France.
  • VelaShape III is the slimming partner for celebrities such as Madonna, Heidi Klum, and many more!
  • The Retreat Clinic is the pioneer in VelaShape III treatments with 100% patient satisfaction.

Immediate. Minimal Downtime. Suitable for all skin types
Treatment time: 30-60 minutes


More About Velashape – Click Here

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