Starting to notice these skin-ageing signs? Time to take action!

Maintaining healthy and youthful skin is almost everyone’s goal. And although there are many ways we can opt to reach this goal, maintaining youthful skin can get tricky too if the reasons behind the ageing process are not well comprehended.

External factors such as UV exposure and pollution, or internal factors such as the decreasing amount of collagen in your skin could contribute to skin ageing. It brings impact on our feature definition and facial expressions, which can affect our overall appearance.

What are the common noticeable signs of skin ageing?


At the early start of the skin ageing, you may start noticing fine lines, especially in areas where your muscles move repetitively, such as on your forehead where you frown or on the outer corners of your eyes and smiling lines when you smile. These would soon become more significant as we age, or could even escalate before its time if not well taken care of.

Wrinkles are usually caused by the declining ability of our skin to retain moisture and maintain elasticity. Topical application of suitable skincare could help add extra hydration physically, but there are also minimally-invasive facial treatments that are more effective and faster to restore what your skin has lost from the inside.

Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid – the same substance that is naturally produced by our skin cells to retain skin moisture. And since our skin moisture and elasticity declines as we age, dermal filler helps to restore what is lost, smoothening out wrinkles and lines, and making your overall skin and features appear plump and more youthful.

Depending on your concerns, Botox could be a huge help to fight wrinkles and lines too. Some wrinkles are caused by repetitive muscle movements from our facial expressions. With careful area selection, wrinkles and lines can easily be put on pause with Botox.


Age Spots / Pigmentation

Seeing some uneven skin tones or darker patches on your skin? Those could be age spots. Age spots are caused by an excessive amount of melanin produced by your body in order to protect your skin from UV exposure – this is why applying sunblock every day is a good preventive measure before your skin builds up pigmentation issues.


Though there are good topical products to help reduce spots and pigmentation, those that offer fast results may contain harmful substances like mercury. Always be extra careful by paying attention to the ingredients of the products that you select. Cyspera is one good example of safe topical application product, clinically proven to reduce melanin pigment by 67%.

There are also minimally-invasive procedures like laser treatments that could help to reduce or even permanently erase skin pigmentation. With different laser techniques out there, a proper consultation with the experts would yield you the results that you want.


Double Chin / Turkey Neck

Undefined chin and saggy skin around your neck – or better known as the ‘Turkey Neck’ can frustratingly affect appearance. This normally occurs due to weakening neck muscles and declining skin elasticity, often caused by ageing process. And though the older technology may suggest a ‘neck lift’ – a surgical procedure to remove excess skin, the side effects such as swelling, pain and scars that take time to recover could be a downside that most people think twice over.

Lucky us, technology advances of this era offer many other effective alternative treatments that are much more convenient. If surgery is not your thing, there are always existing non-invasive aesthetic treatments with zero to minimal downtime that you can undergo.

The famous Coolsculpting is effective to freeze off and get rid of any excess fats under your chin. There is also the skin tightening treatment like Exilis that is incredibly effective to fix that saggy skin. And in combination, depending on suitability, even Dermal Fillers could help bring back the definition of your face, instantly returning the youth in you.

Every individual and body is different, and we strongly recommend you to consult a certified aesthetic physician to evaluate your body and skin in order to identify the best treatment solution. For consultations with Dr Ong Jin Khang of The Retreat Clinic, please call +6011-3302 8232 to make your appointment.



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