Marionette Lines – Get Rid Of That Frown!

Marionette lines are long vertical lines that causes a person to look aged & frowning all the time. They are important landmarks for the general impression of the face. Deep ones might give the face an expression of being dissatisfied, grim or even scornful. Marionette lines are an ideal target for injectable fillers, often in addition to Botox treatment.

Ms M came to us complaining of her deep Marionette lines causing her to look much older than her age. Upon clinical examination, it is found that her deep marionette lines are treatable with dermal fillers. Here is a photo of her Marionette lines;

Marionette Lines

Deep Marionette lines can cause a person to look much older than their age, and also cause one to look like he/she is frowning all the time!

With the latest and technologically advanced dermal fillers at our disposal & cutting edge techniques, we are able to make Ms M’s deep Marionette Lines ‘disappear’. A suitable dermal filler would be one that is soft enough to not cause the skin to appear lumpy visibly but also be strong enough to improve the structure and aesthetic outcome of her jawline.

With careful planning and assessment, our liquid facesculpting procedure gave Ms M a whole new look. Dermal fillers combined with Botox can effectively ‘remove’ and improve the appearance of Marionette lines. Check out the before and after photo of Ms M’s Marionette lines;

Not only did the Marionette lines disappear, Ms M's chin also appears more structured, sharper, giving her an overall much youthful & younger looking appearance!

Not only did the Marionette lines disappear, Ms M’s chin also appears more structured, sharper, giving her an overall much youthful & younger looking appearance!

As you can see from the above photo, even Ms M’s chin looks much more structured now and with the appropriate technique, even her lips appear more symmetrical. With the ‘disappearance’ of her Marionette lines, Ms M instantly looks younger & refreshed. With the latest in dermal filler technology & injecting techniques, the result is natural, long lasting, and you can be assured of the youthful appearance you stand to gain, making you the envy of all your friends!

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