Lip Injections

Having full, plump lips is often considered a sign of good health, beauty and youth. Whether you were born with thin lips or your lips are thinning due to the natural aging process, there are many ways to enhance them. Lip injections using fillers can keep your lips plump for months at a time.


Are you a good candidate for a lip injection?

The following are some common reasons why you may want to consider lip injection:

  • Thin, poorly defined lips may be hereditary or the results of aging.
  • If you smile and your top lip or both lips disappear.
  • Uneven lips, shape of your mouth and gum-show when you smile.

If you are in good general health, have a positive attitude and realistic expectations, you are most likely a good candidate for this procedure.


Your initial consultation appointment

During your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss what you want to achieve. Our doctor will evaluate you for lip injections. It is important to be completely honest during the consultation. It’s a good idea to be fully prepared to answer these questions:

  • Do you have any medical conditions or drug allergies? Are you being treated for any medical conditions?
  • Have you had any previous surgeries?
  • What are your current medications and vitamin and herbal supplements?
  • What is your current use of alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs?
  • What is your history with any noninvasive cosmetic procedures?
  • What outcome do you expect from the surgery? What is your chief motivation in undergoing it?


Your treatment plan

Based on your goals, our doctor will share recommendations and information with you, including:

  • An approach to your procedure
  • The outcomes that you can anticipate
  • What you can expect to experience after the lip injection
  • Our doctor will also share before and after photos of cases similar to yours and answer any questions, so you can make the most informed and intelligent decision.


How do I prepare for a lip injection procedure?

  • Avoid taking aspirin, certain anti-inflammatory drugs, and some herbal medications that can cause increased bleeding
  • Hydration is very important before and after the procedure for optimum recovery

Most of our clients come in for a consultation and leave with a fuller lips on the same day.


Aftercare and Recovery

The downtime from lip injection is minimal. You may experience some bruising or swelling which will subside with time.


How long will the results last?

Lip injections results depend on the type of filler used, they generally last from three to six months.


Maintain a relationship with your aesthetic doctor

For safety, as well as the most beautiful and healthy outcome, it’s important to return for follow-up evaluation at prescribed times and whenever you notice any changes in your facial enhancements. Do not hesitate to contact us when you have any questions or concerns.


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