Laser Tattoo Removal – Solving Pre-wedding Tattoo Regrets

There are many different reasons for wanting a tattoo removal, ranging from not being happy with the artwork to simply having made a bad decision is the haste of youth. A life changing event can trigger a desire to have them removed. Perhaps the most common event is a wedding. The bride wants to look PERFECT on her day. An unwanted tattoo can influence her choice of dresses. A bride can feel limited as to what she can wear by not wanting to show off her unwanted body art.

Although there internet is full of lotions and potions that promise to remove tattoos. Truth is, there are only two method that will work and both need to be done by a trained professional. The only proven methods for tattoo removal are Laser Tattoo Removal and Rejuvi Tattoo Removal.

The advantage of Laser is that the after care is relatively easy compared to the non laser alternative. You should see your tattoo fade by 30% each time you have a treatment. It means that it will be 30% of what it was before that treatment. On average, you will be looking at between 10 and 20 sessions to erase a tattoo. Laser is not without after effects and will leave the skin very susceptible to skin cancer so sun block is a must. The area will also never tan again.

Which ever method is right for you, your skin will never go back to pre tattoo condition. It is possible that laser could leave you with a burn like scar if it wasn’t done properly by a professional .

Do your research,  get recommendations, and be very careful with your treatment provider. A reputable clinic will help you through the process & make you feel at ease. There are no easy answers with tattoo removal and if anyone paints you a rose garden…it’s a fairly good indication to try someone else.

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