Jawline Too Square? – A Simple Solution

Jawline not sharp enough? Do you feel that you look too ‘square’ in the mirror? What’s the fastest and easiest solution to getting a slimmer jawline? Our 3rd instalment of our “Botox – Is it for me?” series will show you how Botox can reduce the squareness of your jawline! There are a few reasons for a huge masseter muscle causing your jaw to be square and these include;

  • excessive chewing (chewing gum, steak, etc)
  • grinding of teeth at night

A 30 year old lady came to us complaining that her jawline is too square. A quick examination by our doctor revealed a very large masseter muscle. This muscle is located just in front of your ears and can be felt when you clench your teeth. After injecting 40 units of botox (20 units on each side), she was advised to adhere to these advice;

  • no excessive chewing for 2 weeks
  • try to avoid steaks and chewing gum
  • a mouth guard is vital to reduce grinding of teeth at night

A follow up appointment was given 2 weeks post injection. Her jawline shrunk tremendously and you can see that her face appears smaller and thinner immediately.

After one session of Botox injections, the jawline is much slimmer

After one session of Botox injections, the jawline is much slimmer

Botox to the jawline requires up to 3 monthly sessions to achieve optimum results. This also ensures that the results will last much longer. Do remember that Botox effects are not permanent and regular maintenance is needed. However with completion of 3 sessions (once a month), masseter muscles rarely need more than one dose a year after that. However this may vary from patient to patient and also depends on the lifestyle of the patient. Any excessive chewing of food and frequent intake of ‘hard’ solid food will lead to a faster regrowth of the muscle hence needing more frequent injections.

So there you have it – Botox not only solves wrinkles, it also can solve your square chin safely, quickly and easily :)

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