Gummy smile – A Simple Solution

Gummy smile making you afraid to give it your all when smiling for the camera? In our 2nd instalment of “Botox – Is it for me?“, we look at the gummy smile. There are various reasons for having a gummy smile and one of it is due to a hyperactive upper lip muscle, causing the upper lip to rise up higher than normal when smiling (high lip line).

Gummy smile can be due to a variety of reasons

Gummy smile can be due to a variety of reasons

So How Do We Solve It?

Simple. Just a few units of Botox will improve the appearance of gummy smiles.

We had a 24 year old patient who came complaining of her lip line being too high each time she smiled. She hated the way she looked whenever she smiled for the camera and she came looking for a solution. We recommended Botox injections and after injection 6 units of Botox into her upper lip, this is her result;

Results after 14 days post Botox injection

Results after 14 days post Botox injection

As you can see, not only her upper lip has reduced in height but it has also gained more fullness. The previous hyperactivity of the upper lip muscle caused her lips to be folded inwards, making her lips appear thin.

So there you have it – Botox not only solves wrinkles, it also can solve your smiling woes safely and easily 🙂

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