Expert guide to choosing the right cleanser

How can we identify our skin type?

The best way to determine your skin type is to thoroughly cleanse your complexion and then wait two hours without applying any product before studying your face. The following signs will tell you which category you belong to:

  • Normal: no signs of flakiness or oily shine. Skin feels smooth.
  • Oily: skin looks shiny and may feel slick. You are used to breakouts.
  • Combinationskin feels dry with an oily T-Zone.
  • Sensitive: your face reacts easily, and you may experience redness, itchiness or even a rash.
  • Dry: skin feels tight and may have flaky areas.

What should we use for each? 

You are one of the lucky ones, but you might want to consider trying a milk cleanser, as some facial washes can be too harsh and drying. Milks are light and gentle, cleansing the skin without stripping it of its natural oils.


Those with combination skin would also benefit from using a milk cleanser. They are highly effective at removing dirt, grime and even make-up, but offer a gentler approach to cleansing, leaving skin feeling balanced.


If you have dry or very dry skin, I would recommend using a cleansing oil. You should also look out for formulas containing oat extract, as the essential fatty acids and glycerine within it will help remove dead skin cells and dirt without irritating your complexion.


Finding the right cleanser for oily skin is a real balancing act. You need a formula that will go the extra mile to remove oil, dirt and make-up, but that is gentle enough not to dry skin out. Try a lotion or gel-based cleanser in the morning, followed by an oil-based cleanser at night. Products containing AHAs will also help tackle a build-up of sebum and prevent spots from forming.


Look for soap-free products and avoid washes containing alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), as they will cause further irritation. Tried and tested natural ingredients are often appropriate, so look for cleansing products containing the likes of aloe, cucumber and chamomile.

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