Easy fitness & Wellness Tips


Weight training: training with weights is great for burning fat, changing your body shape, improving posture, better sleep and combating stress.
Yoga: the ideal complement to weight-training, yoga results in improved flexibility, lessens back pain and strengthens the core and body.
Goals: setting targets is essential to progress in anything, it doesn’t matter what level you are or where you want to end up, make goals that are relevant and reachable.
Regular meals: eating regular, healthy meals will keep your energy levels stable, preventing binging and fuelling the body to aid fat loss.
Plenty of sleep: Sleep combats stress, reduces inflammation, prevents binging as it stabilises hormones and reduces the risk of heart issues and diabetes.


Eating too little: too few calories could put your body into starvation mode and your metabolism will plummet.
Endless cardio: too much cardio can burn off muscle, increase stress hormone and upset metabolism. This leads to ‘skinny fat’ (where you are essentially a normal weight, but more flabby than lean).
Hidden sugars: what you think is a healthy diet may well be sugar loaded. Check the label and remember sugar has different names: fructose, cane sugar, corn syrup, maltose and many more.
Excess alcohol: alcohol is high in empty calories, beer has 180 calories. Too much alcohol will lead to an increase in body fat. Excess drinking also plays havoc with your internal organs. Drink sensibly, and stay hydrated by drinking water.

Plus, an easy-to-follow healthy eating plan:

Breakfast: ensure you include protein in your breakfast for better energy and body composition; try scrambled eggs, salmon, half an avocado or a handful of nuts.

Lunch: try to avoid convenience lunches, opt steamed chicken breast or tuna steak with green vegetables or a large salad. If you need it to be mobile, simply have in a whole meal wrap.

Snacks: sticking to healthy snacks throughout the day will avoid binging on unhealthy foods when it comes to mealtime. Some favourites include green apples, nuts and Greek yogurt (not Greek style).

Dinner: A balanced and filling meal like grilled salmon, sweet potato and unlimited green vegetables is ideal. Throughout the day try to include three or four superfoods into your diet, such as: broccoli, blueberries, tomatoes, walnuts, garlic, salmon, avocado, and beans (not baked beans) for essential nutrients.

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