Dermal Fillers – Ms L’s Fuller Cheeks!

Remember our last post showing you Ms L’s before and after photo? Some of you have emailed us asking us to explain how were the results achieved and some of you also asked us to explain in a little more detail regarding the differences. Well here you go…

Ms L's transformation to fuller cheeks has been subtle but significant, prompting many to ask how we actually did it!

Ms L’s transformation has been subtle but significant, prompting many to ask how we actually did it!

Let’s go through the differences as shown in the image above;

A – Fillers were injected into her tear trough area (under eye area). This resulted in fresher looking eyes, and also it gave her less visible ‘eye bags’. If you notice, the dark eye circles have also been reduced and improved dramatically.

B – Cheeks were augmented with dermal fillers. This gives Ms L a more projected and 3D look with fuller cheeks. The subtle increase in cheek volume also helps to improve the overall ‘saggy’ and downward projection of her face. If you look at the ‘after’ image, her face is more ‘lifted’ and less saggy.

C – The naso labial folds or the ‘laughing lines’ as many call them have also reduced dramatically. This was achieved with very minimal fillers injected in that area. The overall lifting effect from the cheeks being filled have helped to lift the cheeks upwards, reducing the naso labial fold groove. This also helps to bring back a more youthful look for Ms L.

So there you have it. A simple 15 minute procedure and you get a much younger looking, fresher face. The augmentation of cheeks is done safely with US FDA approved dermal fillers.

If you missed our explanation about dermal fillers, just check it out here!

Do take note that even though dermal fillers are not permanent, the results are very very long lasting as dermal fillers injected correctly will stimulate the growth of collagen and the effects of this is very long lasting.

Watch out for our next instalment of dermal filler results coming real soon!

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