7th Anniversary Sale: BIG SAVINGS on Your Fav Aesthetic Treatments!

It’s our birthday month! It has been an amazing 7 years of transformation – both for us and our patients.  Our commitment has always been to provide all patients with safe and effective aesthetic treatments in Malaysia, so that they can feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

And we would like to celebrate this milestone with YOU!

 We have carefully hand-picked a list of
‘7 Retreat Wonders’
 – our top treatments that we know you love – and made them extra special with exclusive super deals that comes with BIG SAVINGS!

What to expect? Effective treatments at amazing prices! 

** Pre-book your treatments before 7 May 2020 to enjoy an EXTRA +7% DISCOUNT 

#1 ‘7 Retreat Wonders’: #BodybyRetreat Slim & Contour

Looking to reduce fats and shape up? This treatment combo could be just what you need.

At The Retreat Clinic, we pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our combined slimming treatments that gives you better, faster results. Body treatments like Coolsculpting / Vanquish Me / Unison / Emsculpt each functions differently in reducing fats, toning muscles, and improving skin elasticity, and when we combine the usage of these treatments together, you can expect to achieve your desired results with half the time and effort!

Our Top Combination Slimming Treatments:

#BodyByRetreat Kickoff

Coolsculpting x 2
VanquishME x 1
Unison Tummy x 1


VanquishME x 4
Unison Tummy x 4

#BodyByRetreat Lite

Coolsculpting x 4
Emsculpt x 4
VanquishMe x 4
Unison Tummy x 4

#BodyByRetreat Complete

Coolsculpting x 10
Emsculpt x 4
Vanquish x 4
Unison Tummy x 4


#2 ‘7 Retreat Wonders’: Retreat Core Strengthening EMxperience

Muscle and strength training – but more effective with shorter amount of time

Toned muscles look good, but good core strength ensures good support of our body to do wonders. This treatment combination features the Emsculpt to help burn fats and build muscles simultaneously, and the Emsella to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles and improve urinary incontinence altogether.

Buy 3 Free 7 Deal!

3 x Emsculpt
FREE 2 x Emsculpt
FREE 5 x Emsella
(Extra saving if you add) 4 x Emsculpt for Arms


#3 ‘7 Retreat Wonders’: Retreat Women Intimate Wellness

Extra care to rejuvenate the look, health and wellness of your most intimate

If you are struggling with urinary incontinence, weak pelvic floor muscles, or loose feels in the skin and muscles down there, this treatment combination will change your life!

Full Rejuvenation Inside Out

3 x Exilis Ultra Femme internal/external
Add on 6 x Emsella

#4 ‘7 Retreat Wonders’: Retreat ZAPP! Away

Spots & scars no more! Achieve flawless skin with even skin tones

Improve your skin concerns with our renowned Laser treatments, medical supplements and topical applications to effectively reduce the appearance of pigmentation, scars and blemishes. 

Buy 6 Free 1 of Laser Treatments

FREE Cyspera, PRP and Nano Md

#5 ‘7 Retreat Wonders’: Retreat Liquid Facesculpting

Reverse the years and pause the coming ones!

Retain skin elasticity and youthful looks with our Botox and Juvederm fillers. Hydrate, restore volumes, and reduce appearance of wrinkles, or even prevent the coming ones!

Choose from our maintenance package selections:

2ml of Juvederm filler
4ml of Juvederm filler
50x Botox
100x Botox

#6 ‘7 Retreat Wonders’: Retreat Skin Lift & Glow

Medical grade facials and skin lifting designated to suit your skin needs

Restore your skin hydration, brighten and achieve glass skin feel with our selection of medical facials, and get tighter skin with a lifted youthful look with Exilis for Face.

Combinations you will love!

Hydration Booster

Fire & Ice, Hydrabooster & Hydro 2.0

Glowing Booster

Fire & Ice, Triple Brightening & Glow laser

Lifting Booster

Exilis for Face: Buy 3 Free 4


#7 ‘7 Retreat Wonders’: Retreat Skin Rejuvenation

Smoother skin with better elasticity

Improve collagen production with Platlet-Rich Plasma treatment and reduce fine lines with Volite for silky smooth skin.

Choose from our maintenance package selections:

2ml of Volite
4ml of Volite
(Value Add) Add on 2 x PRP


Or enjoy our best selling products at 20% discount:

Nano Md

** Pre-book your treatments before 7 May 2020 to enjoy an EXTRA +7% DISCOUNT

The Retreat Clinic specialises in body and facial treatment solutions, and each treatment is highly personalised to individual needs. Contact us at +6011-3302 8232 for appointments with our Consultant Aesthetic Physician Dr Ong Jin Khang for a personalised assessment and consultation. Limited slots for FREE mini consultations are available.

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